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Logo Design &
Brand Refresh

PFS has recently experienced a changing of the guard when several senior team members retired and a new management team was appointed. This provided the perfect opportunity for a brand refresh. Our work began with a 3-hour discovery session where we interviewed the new General Manager and Sales Manager to fully immerse ourselves in the business and the wider industry.

This gave us valuable insight into company goals, aspirations and its quality-driven ethos while giving us an in-depth understanding of customer needs.

Marketing collateral

A Supercharged brand transformation!

The project involved:

Logo design and iconography
Brand guidelines and stationery pack
Print ads and event invitations
Event stand design
Product datasheets
Company brochures

Old logo
New logo

Logo Design

It was important to the client that the new logo should feel like an evolution of the existing wordmark rather than a step change, so the goal was to create a familiar feeling logo that would present the company as a modern, vibrant, forward-looking business.

Green is a particularly meaningful colour within the fuel industry (PFS certainly takes its environmental responsibilities seriously) and we liked the softer, friendlier feel of the lower case PFS, so we were keen to carry those through to the new logo.

We were also keen to introduce a relevant visual element so the logo would better serve as an icon. This led us to the 6-segment fuel gauge motif. The six segments represent the company’s core service areas and the full fuel gauge represents an air of positivity and optimism, as well as being an obvious nod to the industry that PFS serves.

The final addition was the embellished crossbar on the ‘f’. The extended “arms” represent togetherness and the expert advice, guidance and care that PFS provides to its customers.

Brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines

To ensure the brand is presented consistently across all channels and customer touchpoints, we created a comprehensive set of guidelines for internal and external use. This document includes suggested usage of the logo (including variations) and adaptable strapline, brand tone of voice, colour palette, fonts and typography, brand pattern/texture, iconography, and photographic style.



We created a set of six icons to represent the core sectors serviced by PFS Fueltec – Critical Power, Automotive, Commercial, Road Tankers, Marine and Forecourt.

The final versions evolved from a set of simplified icons, which we felt, on reflection, were too abstract to be instantly identifiable without an accompanying text label.


Stationery Pack

Digital design is great, but nothing brings a brand to life better than physical collateral. We’ve designed a full suite of new stationery for PFS Fueltec, including business cards, letterheads, company brochures, event invitations, technical data sheets and case study templates. We also created a stamp based on the logo, which will serve as a ‘mark of quality’ on the company’s packaging materials.

Event stand

Event Stand

Designing for large format print can be a challenge, but it’s always great to see the end result! The primary goal here was for the stand to be flexible enough to work as a complete unit and also as individual popup banners. The key to this was the use of a repeating hexagonal background pattern, which incidentally, was inspired by the chemical symbols for fuel molecules. The repeating pattern also incorporates a subtle gradient effect, similar to the iridescent shimmer seen in liquid fuel.

Logo white

The Results

Our brand refresh has brought PFS Fueltec bang up-to-date and more accurately reflects the vision and values of the new senior management team. The new branding is in the process of being rolled out company-wide and will soon be integrated with the new e-commerce website, which is currently under development. The new look and feel has been very well received by staff, stakeholders, customers and suppliers, and should hold PFS in good stead for the journey ahead.

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