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The Evolution of Cheddar Man

SINCE 7,000 B.C.

Cheddar Creative was founded over 9,000 years ago by pioneering brand guru, Cheddar Man*. A lot has changed since then, but the primal needs of human beings haven’t – food & drink, warmth & shelter, sleep, a bit of nookie, and an insatiable appetite for buying goods & services.

Ched understood the power of brand and the need to differentiate your offering and disrupt the status quo. Let’s face it, why would any discerning troglodyte buy their flints, human-ear necklaces and newfangled “wheels” from you when the knuckle-scraping merchant at the gravel pit is more known and trusted?

Flashforward a few millennia and we’re still helping businesses craft and evolve authentic brand narratives. The tools, channels and platforms may have changed, but our passion for hatching Fresh, Ambitious, Transformative ideas hasn’t. And we’re not too modest to say that our FAT ideas can lead to juicy outcomes!

The only thing old-fashioned about this agency is Ched, but we haven’t seen him for ages (literally, eons), so who cares?

*Might contain traces of a lie.

Square wheels

Meet Ched’s Heads…


Founder & Creative Director

A digital native through and through, after studying Marketing at university, I soon realised my passion for all things design & brand building, including UX/UI design, illustration, branding, wall art & murals, and much more. Having worked for companies large and small all over the globe, I finally settled in the UK and founded Cheddar to change the way brands communicate through design. A true geek at heart, if you don’t find me doodling with my crayons or unearthing the next creative trend, I’ll be out flying a drone or testing the latest gadget.


Founder & UX/CX Strategy Director

After spending the best part of a decade as an independent filmmaker (a few of which picked up an award or two and some nice reviews), I brought my knack for visual storytelling to the creative agency space. Having spent another decade – damn, I'm nearly as old as Ched! – directing advertising campaigns and helping businesses attract, captivate and connect with people, the lure of working for myself proved too strong. We founded Cheddar to help businesses become more design-driven and build sustainable brands without selling their souls!


Technical Lead

Oli is a highly experienced front-end web designer and developer, working mostly on the WordPress platform. We like to get Oli involved as early as possible so we can scope web projects out thoroughly, create detailed functionality specs, and make sure budgets, delivery timelines and expectations are realistic and aligned on both sides. Oli's dual skill set ensures a smooth handover from design to development.


Full-stack Developer

Matthew is our full-stack developer (a rare technical genius who can code pretty much anything!) who we draft in when there's something really complicated to design and build, like complex back-end databases and mind-boggling integrations that core WordPress functionality simply can't handle. You get the picture; the guy's good, real good.


Senior SEO Consultant

Dave takes care of the SEO side of things, ensuring forensic site audits, new-build planning, site migration, technical & on-page SEO and ongoing content creation and optimisation not only keep Google happy (other search engines are available) but also offer a delightful user experience.


Senior Designer

Claire is a very talented and experienced graphic designer who works mostly with print collateral – brochures, leaflets, business cards, posters, banners, etc. And they say print is dead, eh? She also assists Cassie on larger digital design projects where we might require a fresh perspective in the ideation & concepting phase, or additional resource for custom graphics & illustration.



Cheddar's mascot and Canine Entertainment Officer, Hendricks is an energetic (well, sometimes) and mischievous labradoodle whose job it is to keep us motivated and performing at our best by providing constant mayhem merriment and making sure we take regular breaks for walks, cuddles and treats. A pooch of discerning taste, if it doesn't get the Hendricks paw print of approval, it doesn't leave the studio.

The A-list.

We’re a small team with no unnecessary overheads (and no unnecessary costs to pass on), but that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to the best talent. We’ve established a motley crew of collaborators – who we know and trust – that can be assembled to meet any challenge. Sort of like The Avengers, but better. Designers, copywriters, videographers, animators, developers (front end & full stack, whatever that is), scrum masters (eh?)… You name it, we got ‘em.

Join the gene pool.

Design thinking is in our DNA and we’re always on the lookout for top-notch creatives and world-class brand strategists who we can draft in to bolster our roster of like-minded problem-solvers. Wow, that was a lot of hyphenation! If you want to be a piece of Cheddar (and help our Sandwich office out of a pickle), we’d love to hear from you. Send us your CV with a brief rundown of the particular set of skills you’ll be bringing to the squad and we’ll be in touch.

Badges & Baubles

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DesignRush Top UX Design Agencies 2022
IoD East Awards – Director of the Year
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So now you know a little more about us, why not find out how we can help you?