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The big cheese for brand strategy, UX design & captivating customer experiences.

At Cheddar, we help businesses find creative solutions to difficult problems. We also design stuff. Digital stuff mostly, but also printed stuff. Our services include web design / UX design & development (and managed WordPress hosting), brand consultancy & strategy, creative marketing & social media, branding & brand identity, advertising campaigns, and print design… We’re also dab hands at experiential marketing – designing customer, activation and metaverse experiences that live long in the memory.

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Now more than ever, businesses need design-driven, people-focused ways to solve problems, connect with customers and build brand equity. We craft the most engaging and delightful design and marketing solutions for ambitious businesses of all shapes and sizes through a process we call “brand engineering”.

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We hate templates and paint-by-numbers.

Some agencies wax lyrical about strategy and results, but shouldn’t it go without saying there’ll be some kind of plan and the goal is the economic advancement of your business? And why do those strategies always seem to revolve around intrusive marketing methods when people are fed up of being sold to?

We believe brand-building should be a fun adventure, but the f-word seems to have been outlawed in the increasingly corporate marketing industry. Not here. Sworn enemies of ordinary, mundane and formulaic, we’re unapologetically creative and use design thinking to construct human-centred solutions.

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Small agency, big ideas.

Our curiosity knows no bounds. We love the challenge and excitement of launching products in competitive markets, turning sceptical strangers into ardent advocates, and forging memorable brand narratives that resonate with people. After all, your brand isn’t who you say you are, it’s who they say you are.

Using the most relevant tools, channels and platforms, we’ll create a consistent personality, proposition and presence for your brand that will attract customers, generate buzz and build a loyal community. But before any of that, we need to define what we’re aiming to achieve together.

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