Aspire Cycles

Your Bike,
Your Way.

Aspire Cycles offers cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes the opportunity to build their own bespoke dream bike, with over 2 million custom design, colour and component options. The business had been going for 3 years when the entrepreneurs behind the venture approached us at the end of 2019 with exciting growth plans for 2020, including a brand relaunch. We were tasked with reinvigorating the brand identity and totally redesigning the website to reflect its values and the aspirational lifestyle the brand represents.

Aspire Cycles screens

Reviewing the UX
and User Journey

From a site structure point of view, the first job was to conduct a full UX audit – an in-depth review of the user experience sitewide – looking at all of the existing pages and finding ways to improve the user journey. We stripped back a lot of the page content, removed duplicate content and created new content to better tell the Aspire story, with a consistent tone of voice throughout. Streamlining the site content enabled us to increase the load speed and make the site far more responsive.

Aspire Cycles Instagram feed

An Aspirational New Visual Style

We were given carte blanche when it came to the new visual design; however, the Aspire logo was already fairly established and had been used on the product from day one, so we decided to make a few subtle changes to the digital version to tie the new visual identity together, but otherwise left it alone.

Aside from the minor logo embellishments, our primary goal was to visually showcase the ‘Aspire’ way of life and bring meaning to the strapline – Your Bike, Your Way. The client felt the old website was a little flat and certainly didn’t evoke any aspirational sentiments or show the passion behind their premium product and service. This had resulted in a lack of enquiries and sales.

Aspire Cycles screens

Boosting Conversions

We knew the website needed to create more of an emotional connection with its visitors and work much harder in terms of converting visitors into buyers. Our UX/UI audit and user research told us that the new site would need to be far more visual and engaging while solving user pain points and making the consultancy / ordering process as frictionless as possible.

The new site boasts far more commissioned imagery, designed to grab the visitors attention and inspire them to picture themselves on their dream bike doing what they love. We also worked hard on the written content to ensure the tone of voice is not only consistent but also correct for the target audience.

The site’s information architecture also came under our scrutiny as we wanted to ensure that new and existing customers would quickly find what they’re looking for. We also added trust signals (e.g. brand partner logos) and social proof by way of customer testimonials to build the brand’s credibility. Being a lifestyle brand, social media and user-generated content are integral to the brand strategy going forward so we incorporated social touchpoints throughout the site, including an integrated Instagram feed.

Aspire Cycles website on laptop

Something to Aspire to…

We turned the new Aspire Cycles website around faster than a high-speed aero bike so the team were ready to hit the ground running in 2020. As usual, we will now monitor the site closely to see how visitors are interacting with the content so we can make CRO recommendations and continue to iterate on the initial design. We’re excited to be working with the Aspire team on their creative strategy, helping them engage new customers, grow their community and generate more bike sales through the website. The cogs are turning and the wheels are in motion!

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