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Timberwolf: Brand & Website Refresh

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Timberwolf is one of, if not the leading manufacturer of wood chippers, both in the UK and internationally, and has been for almost 40 years. The in-house sales & marketing team approached us with 2 requests: to give the brand’s overall visual aesthetic a full refresh (while staying within the existing brand guidelines) and to re-skin the current website ahead of a revolutionary new product launch.

The product in question was the world’s first hybrid wood chipper – not only an industry first but Timberwolf’s most powerful chipper to date.

Digital Marketing Audit

We provided full creative support in the run-up to the product launch, starting with a forensic audit of the current website where we assessed the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from a visual, storytelling, user experience and technical SEO standpoint.

Print Design

Next, we used the insights gleaned from this process to inform our design decisions, starting with the brand’s new visual theme, which we applied to ad and brochure templates that could be used by the in-house design team for the hybrid launch as well as future marketing collateral requirements. We also designed a new UK dealer map graphic to accompany a press release announcing the addition of 7 new Timberwolf dealerships.

Website Reskin

We then moved on to the website. Again, taking what we learnt in the discovery phase and applying it to the design refresh and subtle restructuring of the information architecture.

We totally reworked the home, about, UK dealer and FAQs pages to introduce a more compelling brand narrative – shifting the focus away from the products and onto how Timberwolf “lightens the load” for arborists and other chipper users. We also re-skinned the overall visual aesthetic to give it a more modern, vibrant look and feel, with new header and footer areas that incorporate subtle UX embellishments.

Enhancing the User Experience

The final task was to design a whole new product page template for the hybrid that would allow us to emphasise the information hierarchy and create a more immersive, interactive experience. Again, we used subtle UX animations and clear messaging and CTAs to educate potential buyers about the revolutionary new technology contained within this industry-leading product.

Video & Photography

We also oversaw the video and photography shoot that would generate the content we required to bring the website and associated print collateral to life.

Web Hosting & Support

As well as flexing our creative muscles, we’ve also taken over the hosting of Timberwolf UK and 4 international websites and will be providing ongoing technical support and maintenance, with a view to building a brand new global “group” website in 2023.

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Various screenshots of Timberwolf's reskinned web pages
Timberwolf CTA design
Timberwolf Hybrid chipper being worked on in workshop
Timberwolf Hybrid chipper in the woods
Timberwolf Hybrid chipper being used by an arborist
Timberwolf Hybrid chipper being used by an arborist with a chainsaw

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