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Smith’s Cocktails: Brand Identity & Website

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The client – The Forge Kitchen – came to us with an idea for a range of pre-made, hand-crafted, bottled cocktails that could be sold direct-to-consumer through the restaurant and also online via an e-commerce website. While they set about making the drinks and perfecting the recipes, we came up with the brand name – Smith’s Cocktails – and names for the 4 craft cocktails comprising the first batch.

Crafting the Visual Identity

Having created the initial artwork, we worked with our illustrator to digitise and further develop our concept for Bertram Black – our steampunk-inspired ‘Gentleman Blacksmith’, who would feature prominently as the brand mascot on the bottle labels, postcards, stickers, packaging tape, POS and other print collateral, as well as on the website and across social media.

Product Photography

As well as designing and building the e-commerce website, we also oversaw the photoshoot where some amazing, atmospheric product photography was achieved against the backdrop of The Forge Kitchen’s exquisite cocktail bar.

Branding & Brand Design

We were asked to come up with a brand name and logo that would acknowledge the link with The Forge Kitchen, without being overt about it – something that would stand up in its own right. Smith’s was an obvious choice in many ways, with its allusion to hand-made cocktails – forged, if you will, with the meticulous attention-to-detail of a master craftsman. The logo design itself can certainly be referred to as “branding”!

Brand Consistency

We made sure the steampunk theme and Bertram’s slightly eccentric, enigmatic persona was carried over to the website design and tone of voice for the copy used on the labels, POS postcards, social media posts and the website, of course.

Packaging Design

As the bottles, and therefore, labels, are quite small, we hit upon a simple 3-word nomenclature for the drinks themselves – Feel the Heat (Blackberry & Chilli Margarita), Up in Smoke (Cinnamon Smoked Old Fashioned), In the Pink (Pink Pornstar Martini) and Full of Beans (Salted Caramel Espresso Martini). We also gave each bottle its own colour-coded identity, inspired by the colour of the drink.

Evolving the Brand

Businesses in the hospitality trade were facing a grim outlook when the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns hit, so it was great to see Grant & Robyn’s fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude come to the fore as they pivoted into the direct-to-consumer cocktail market while the restaurant was forced to close temporarily.

We very much look forward to continuing to work with them to develop the Smith’s Cocktails brand as they add more luscious libations to the range!

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