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A moreish slice of Chedd-ART…

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As well as designing websites and user interfaces, branding, packaging, printed literature, murals, marketing collateral, social media graphics and all sorts of other things, we also enjoy getting stuck into artwork of a different kind. When we have the time that is!

If you’d like to commission a mural or piece of original art, or purchase one of our limited edition prints, please get in touch and you could have a piece of Chedd-ART on your wall.

Here is a small selection of the illustrations, graphics and other art we’ve created for competitions, commissions or just for the plain fun of it. Strap in, it can get pretty dark when you start plumbing the depths of our twisted little minds…

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Cheddar art skeletons 1
Cheddar art skeletons 2
Cheddar art skeletons 3
Bee Safe Solopress face mask competition design
Bee Safe Solopress competition face mask
Cheddar art 27 club print
Cheddar art Charlie Says
Cheddar art Forgotten 1
Cheddar art Forgotten 2
Cheddar blue art print
Cheddar autumn art print
Cheddar art 1
Cheddar art 3
Cheddar art – Wonder 1
Cheddar art – Wonder 2
Cheddar art black and white prints
Cheddar fine line art 1
Cheddar fine line art 2
Cheddar fine line art 3

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