Wanda Wallace Websites

A trilogy of websites for Wanda Wallace and Leadership Forum

What started out as a simple website for leading international business coach, author, podcast host and motivational speaker, Wanda Wallace, to help establish an online presence for her personal brand, quickly evolved into 2 additional web design projects.

Firstly, a subscription site (integrated with Patreon) where users can buy memberships to gain access to exclusive content and bonus materials pertaining to Wanda’s popular business podcast ‘Out of the Comfort Zone’, as well as signing up for more intensive virtual courses designed to help aspiring business leaders advance in their careers.

Then, a complete overhaul of the Leadership Forum website, giving the UX, UI, site structure and information architecture a thorough audit to position LF as a modern, vibrant, forward-thinking organisation for a changing world.

What We Set Out to Achieve

Our main goal was to create 3 complementary websites that would have consistency throughout while having their own distinct identities. We inherited Leadership Forum’s brand identity and used that colour palette to create a new visual identity for the Wanda Wallace and Out of the Comfort Zone sites.

The finished sites can be seen here:




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