We’ve been in the brand-building game for more years than we’d care to mention, but as a fledgling agency, we don’t have many completed campaigns to show yet. We could try to impress you by plastering highfalutin logos and made-up testimonials all over our website…


…but you’d see through that, right?

You can check out our recent projects below and we’d encourage you to come back soon to see what else we’ve been working on. You’re always welcome here.

Smart Alarm,
Sharp Campaign.

Limpet portfolio image

Tech startup Geotekk has spent the past 3 years developing Limpet, a revolutionary, best-in-class smart alarm, and asked us to support them with the product launch. We created a roadmap based on 3 phases – raising awareness ahead of a Kickstarter launch, taking pre-orders via an e-commerce website, and direct sales once the product is ready for distribution. Phase 1 was successfully completed at the end of 2018 and involved the following…

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A Supercharged
brand refresh!

PFS Fueltec portfolio image

PFS Fueltec has recently experienced a “changing of the guard” when several senior team members retired and a new management team was appointed, providing the perfect opportunity for a brand refresh! Our work began with a 3-hour discovery session where we interviewed the new General Manager and Sales Manager to immerse ourselves in the business and the wider industry. The rebrand is now complete and looks a little something like this…

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A Pitch-Winning Website
in Under a Week?

Chaos Media portfolio image

CHAOS Media Productions is a high-end video production company specialising in live action, animation and drone videography for broadcast television and online streaming. The company had recently rebranded, but hadn’t gotten around to updating its website yet. With a big pitch looming, CHAOS tasked us with designing and building a brand new site with a supersonic turnaround! Could we pull it off or would chaos reign?

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If you’re bored of business-as-usual and serious about building a brand, we need to talk.